Top 8 nutrition for a beautiful skin


Eat your skin healthy

Unfortunately there is no magic ingredient that keeps you forever young and unwrinkled. The correct nutrition helps the skin a little. A top eight with foods that contribute to healthy and radiant skin.

Continue scratching by anal itching
Embarrassing, but mostly innocent

Anal itching (pruritus ani) is not a serious condition, but can be embarrassing and difficult to control. The itch is sometimes restricted to the area around the anus, but can also be a part of itching throughout the body. By older people the itch is often worse because their skin is drier, less elastic and faster irritated.

The term "blood-chilling film" can be taken literally. Leids University Medical Center researchers found that watching a horror movie causes more blood clotting factor VIII to get into the blood.

The research results are published in The British Medical Journal.

"We had the suspicion that fear could cause the blood to clog faster", says Banne Nemeth, doctoral researcher at the LUMC Clinical Epidemiology. A threatening situation can be associated with injuries. It is then an advantage if your blood prompts faster, so you are less likely to suffer from fatal bleeding.
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