Facts and myths about losing weight

 What you need to know about diets

 You hear the strangest stories about how to lose weight. But what's really true? Nutritionists put the most important facts and fables in a row and explain.


First aid in eating too much

5 tips for the balance

 Have a nice evening in a restaurant, with all the family gourmets or a party with the most delicious snacks. Everyone is going to do once outside and eat more than is good for him. But is such a blast now really so bad for you? Ruining you immediately your diet or healthy diet?

This avoids Christmas kilos

Stop when you're full

During the holidays there are all kinds of temptations. Your agenda is full of appointments: dinner with friends, extended breakfast sessions and family brunches. A Christmas cookie here, eggnog there, hot chocolate milk...

 Many people deviate from their normal rhythm and "graze" throughout the day. During the holidays, try to keep the rhythm of three meals a day: breakfast, lunch and evening meal. Skipping meals, for example, because you are expecting a large lunch can make you reach for snacks or sweets earlier..

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